IWF 2022 Part 2: More Sanding Products

Posted by Ralph Bagnall on 10 18 2022

In our  previous blog post covering the IWF Show in Atlanta we highlighted a few of the new products Indasa and Mirka showcased at the show. Ralph saw a few other items on display from both … read more

3 Reasons to Use the myMirka App

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 04 26 2022

  Modern Mirka sanders have a wealth of excellent features from anti-vibration balancing to quiet operation to multiple orbital speeds. You can even download an app for it. Yes, a … read more

7 Speeds for Sanding?

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 03 20 2022

  You may have noticed that most  electric sanders are single speed, even some of the high-end expensive brands. But the Mirka DEROS random orbit sander features seven speeds fro … read more

Lines In the Sand

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 07 07 2021

We have written about how different abrasive minerals create specific types of reflections or sheen. How you sand is just as important to the finished appearance. Using acrylic as a base, we d … read more

Great Things Come in Small Diameters

Posted by The Team at on 05 05 2021

     Ask a finisher for a sanding disc and 99% of the time they will hand you a 5” or 6” disc. Not a surprise; 5” and 6” are standard sizes for random orbit sanders. These sizes ar … read more