Applying the finishing touches is made easier with sandpaper specialty products from 2Sand.com. Our amazing selection ranges from non-woven hand sanding pads to sanding sponges to sanding detailer sticks.

Choose from our assortment of non-woven 6 x 9 abrasive hand sanding pads, and Rhynosoft pads for your woodworking projects. Our sanding detailer sticks and kits are perfect for sanding those hard to reach areas. We also provide replacement belts for sanding detailer sticks. For an exceptionally smooth long-lasting cut, check out our sanding sponge with Aluminum Oxide abrasives. Perfect for contoured surfaces, these sanding blocks can be used for wet or dry sanding. They can be used with different types of grinders for different jobs. Check out our other sanding accessories and sanding supplies.