Sandpaper Sheets has sanding supplies for wood, metal/autobody, wet sanding, and dry sanding products. We have a great selection of aluminum oxide sanding sheets, which is one of the most common forms of sanding sheets. These are good for hand sanding on wood and metal. Silicon carbide sandpaper sheets can be used for wet and dry sanding projects, and the sanding usually does not take as long as aluminum oxide.

Some projects allow for the use of water with the silicon carbide sheets, called wet sanding, for fine sanding. One benefit of wet sanding is that it prevents a lot of dust from flying into the air and onto the ground. Our convenient, large packs and single sheets, cover your abrasive grit needs! From Rhynowet waterproof sandpaper, to garnet sanding sheets and Eagle Finkat sheets, will help you get your project done!In addition to the sanding sheets found here, 2Sand also offers custom sanding sheets should you, for instance, need an oversized sheet to fit your project needs. Check out our specialty sanding products and our other sanding accessories.