On the Back Side

02 22 2021

We’ve talked about sandpaper quite a lot (we are, after all a sanding supply company!), including the minerals used to make abrasive products, sandpaper grits, and why quality matters. We thoug … read more

Large Batch Profile Sanding

02 09 2021

In our previous blog post, Update Your Profile Sanding, we shared some ideas for making custom shaped sanding pads for finishing moldings, trim work and other profiles. These card, foam and body pu … read more

Update Your Profile Sanding

01 26 2021

Firms that manufacture and/or finish large amounts of moldings have dedicated machines for sanding them. These machines often use replaceable sanding heads, each one shaped to match the profile b … read more


01 12 2021

Masking is an integral part of the finishing process and can make or break your project. Masking is tedious, requires real attention to detail, and you usually only find out after the fact if it … read more

Lathe Disc Sander, Part 3

12 27 2020

At the end of the last blog post, we cut a disc from 3/4" MDF, trued the edge and flattened the face to make a platen that spun true on our lathe. We had also attached the large cloth sandin … read more