AWFS 2021

Posted by Ralph Bagnall on 07 31 2021

As promised, Ralph Bagnall from  Woodcademy TV was checking in from the AWFS Fair 2021 in Las Vegas. Here are some of the show highlights he shared with the Team at   &n … read more

Lines In the Sand

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 07 07 2021

We have written about how different abrasive minerals create specific types of reflections or sheen. How you sand is just as important to the finished appearance. Using acrylic as a base, we d … read more

Supply Chain Shortages

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 06 23 2021

We certainly don’t need to tell any of you that the world’s supply chain is a challenge right now. When even Amazon has trouble getting and delivering products on time, people notice. And, of cours … read more

Shedding Light on Defects

06 09 2021

For something that seems to be simple at first glance, sanding (and by extension sanding supplies), can be remarkably complex. Reading the Blog has hopefully helped to guide you through&n … read more

5 Sandpaper-Inspired Spring Gardening Tips

Posted by The Team at on 05 20 2021

Spring is here – hallelujah! After this long winter, we’re just itching to get into the garden. Unless you live in a warm climate, this is the prime time to get your tools ready and your seedli … read more