Minerals Matter

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 09 15 2020

While sanding supplies appear to be simple at first glance, choosing the proper sheets, belts or discs for your application can actually be fairly complex. You need to decide on the grit, the bac … read more

How We Roll

Posted by Ralph Bagnall on 09 01 2020

I find it interesting that the image that jumps to mind when someone hears “sanding” or “sanding supplies” is good old fashioned sandpaper in sheet form. This is interesting to me because over many … read more

Hole Sanding

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 08 18 2020

Over the years of this blog, we have shared a number of shop-built power sanding devices including a drum sander for the lathe, and a drill powered sander for concave shapes . This mo … read more

Hand Sanding

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 08 04 2020

While the marketplace is awash in excellent sanding tools that are powered by electric motors or are run off your compressed air system , there is still a need to know when and how to s … read more

Keep It Clean!

Posted by The Team at on 07 20 2020

Keeping your sanding supplies clean during use not only saves time and money but also improves finishes. Clogged abrasives result in particles that are no longer uniform in size; this can l … read more