Great Things Come in Small Diameters

Posted by The Team at on 05 05 2021

     Ask a finisher for a sanding disc and 99% of the time they will hand you a 5” or 6” disc. Not a surprise; 5” and 6” are standard sizes for random orbit sanders. These sizes ar … read more

Dust Collection for Hand Sanding

Posted by The Team at on 04 20 2021

         On wood, metal, plastic or fiberglass, hand sanding gives the craftsperson a level of control not available with power sanders. We’ve talked about hand sanding … read more

The New Normal

03 31 2021

The Team at 2Sand prides ourselves on providing top notch abrasive products and exemplary service to our customers. We like to think that those are two of the biggest reasons our business just … read more

Why That Size?

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 03 09 2021

Before random orbit sanders – and sanding discs – became all the rage, sandpaper was usually sold in rectangular sheets and 9”x11” was considered the standard size. So, why 9”x11”? You gues … read more

On the Back Side

02 22 2021

We’ve talked about sandpaper quite a lot (we are, after all a sanding supply company!), including the minerals used to make abrasive products, sandpaper grits, and why quality matters. We thoug … read more