You offer a lot of sanding discs and sanding supplies - but are they all in stock?

Yes - that's one of our hallmarks. In very simple terms, we stock what we sell. Listen, it's very easy for anyone to list products online. It's another thing entirely to actually have shippable stock. And in almost every case, we do. We're also always on top of things, so if someone has a really big job and wipes us out of a particular sanding disc, we get more almost right away.

How fast do you ship?

Depending on the day/time you order, it could ship the same day. And if not the same day, definitely the next business day. We ship via Priority Mail or UPS Ground.

What are the two ways that Sanding Discs are attached to Disc Sanders?

  • Hook and Loop also known as Velcro, H&L, Rhynogrip
  • Pressure Senstive Adhesive (PSA) also called Self-Adhesive, StickOn, Sticky, Rhynostick

Do you ship outside the US (like to Canada, etc)?

At this time the only option we offer is USPS Priority Mail International. This is available on most of our products, but not all. Simply add your desired item to the cart and get a shipping estimate. If you item is available it will give you the price of shipping, if it is not available you will be told there are no available options.

Your prices are good - better than my local stores. Why is that?

Low overhead. This is one of the big advantages of an online business.

Ahhhh... but how trustworthy is your online business?

Very trustworthy. In reality, this is a fair question we wished more people would ask their online retailers. Because like we mentioned above, anyone can simply list products online. So, to this end, we've become an A+ rated BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited online business as well as a Google Trusted Store with Buyer Protection.  We also take all credit cards online, and offer a wide variety of secure methods to pay (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, etc). Lastly, we don't "hide". Our phone number is (800) 516-7621and you can contact us here.

Can I search your site for the sanding product I need?

Yes, please use the search box in the top right corner.  Also, after selecting a product category, you can filter the results with the attributes on the left side making it easier to find a sanding supply that fits your sander.

I need something very specific - something that nobody carries. Can you help me?

Yes. Call us at (800) 516-7621, and we'll see what we can do to get you what you need. We can even get custom size sanding belts or rolls.