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To get heavily discounted Abrasive Belts, Wide Abrasive Belt, Aluminum Oxide Assortment Fine Grits and various other sanding products, visit www.2Sand.com.
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2Sand.com is your home for all your sanding needs. We have a variety of sanding discs in various sizes and with different grit counts. Our sanding belts are heavily discounted and are made of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide. Browse our selection of cloth shop sandpaper rolls. For wood sanding, metal sanding, auto body sanding, wet sanding, and more, check out our sandpaper sheets. We desire to help you with all aspects of sanding, so we provide sanding accessories as well, like disc holders, backup pad, cleaning sticks, and more. For those special jobs, you’ll want to peruse our specialty sandpaper, and we can even provide you with custom sandpaper.

  • A complete stock of high quality sanding belts and sanding discs - Whether you are a large company or one person in a garage (or anything in between), we have exactly what you need in stock. We even stock hard to find sanding discs and custom manufactured abrasive belts. If you don't see it here, call us at (800) 516-7621 and we'll get sanding belts or discs to fit your sander.
  • Fast Shipping - We know you need it fast. That's why we have some of the quickest shipping in the business.
  • Great Prices - Superior products, superior service, and superior stock does not have to mean higher prices. In fact, we're confident that you'll find our prices extremely competitive, especially for the level of service we offer.

Why Go Anywhere Else?

When owner and woodworking enthusiast RJ Stroman started 2Sand.com, he knew exactly what he wanted it to be: a website that anyone (or any company) in need of sanding discs or sanding belts could go to and get what they wanted - quickly, easily, and at a fair price. RJ knew that the key would be to treat customers with respect, to ship fast, and to carry all manner of sanding supplies (and not just the ones that sell well.) This way the manufacturer, the hobbyist, the woodworking business, or the auto-body repair shop could all find what they were looking for.

2Sand.com's motto is "fast, fair, superior sanding supplies" and we live up to that motto with every sale of sanding belts and sanding discs. Once you buy from us, we're confident that we'll become your go-to supplier for sanding belts and sanding discs. Because you'll end up saying "Hey, why go anywhere else?"

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  • Mirka Abralon 6 inch Hook Loop Polishing Discs - Single Disc
  • 3x21 Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts
  • Mirka Abranet 6 inch Dust-Free Sanding Discs with Pad Protector
  • 1x42 Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts
  • Indasa Rhynogrip 6 inch Festool 9 Hole Velcro Sanding Discs 50/box