Sanding Belts sells heavily discounted Sanding Belts, Abrasive Belts, Wide Abrasive Belt, Aluminum Oxide Assortment Fine Grits and various other sanding products. We sell aluminum oxide sanding belts and silicon carbide sanding belts. Aluminum Oxide can be bought in open and closed coat. As probably the most widely used sanding abrasive, you can use aluminum oxide sanding belts for most all wood working sanding projects. Silicon Carbide is black and is mostly used for cutting stone, tile, and glass. The grits on silicon carbide are finer than the ones on the aluminum oxide sanding belts.

Other belts we sell include white non-loading beltsbandsaw sanding belts, and wide sanding belts. 2Sand has other sanding products, like sanding discssandpaper rolls, and sandpaper sheets. Here at, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to help anyone find the required sanding products needed to finish that special project of yours with our custom sanding belts page! Check out our specialty sanding products and sanding accessories.