2SAND 3x21 Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts

$8.80 - $22.52
Fabricated in USA, Will ship within 3 weeks
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  • Tough, sharp aluminum oxide particles make our sanding belts great for both wood and metal
  • Resin over resin bonding for a longer-wearing cloth belt
  • Sanding Belts have a butt joint and can be run in either direction
  • Fits Bosch 127DVS, Porter Cable 352VS, Makita 9903, Rigid ZRR2720, Black & Decker DS321, Dewalt DW432 & other 3-inch by 21-inch belt sanders
  • Individual grits are sold in packs of 10 per grit

Sanding Belts available in specific grits and/or grit assortments.


  • All assortments come with a total of nine belts.
  • The FINE assortment consists of (3) 120, (3) 150 & (3) 180 grit belts.
  • The COARSE assortment consists of (3) 60, (3) 80 & (100) grit belts.
  • The 60 - 180 assortment consists of (1) 60, (2) 80, (2) 100, (2) 120, (1) 150 & (1) 180 grit belts.