Mirka 3 inch Angled Rotary Battery Polisher, 10.8V 5.0Ah ARP300-B

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Mirka’s 3” Angle Rotary Battery Sanding Polisher is a ARP-B 300NV cordless rotary polisher. This polisher is small, light, and ergonomic handheld sanding polisher, so it is perfect for polishing small areas. The polisher is ideal for professionals who appreciate the freedom of movement and low maintenance of a cordless polisher. This polisher is strong and efficient with a high torque and optimal rpm, very low noise level, variable speed trigger for adjusting speed on the go, brushless motor, 77mm backing pad, and intelligent and quick-charging battery in two sizes. Mirka’s 3” polisher comes with two 5Ah 10.8V Li-ion batteries and a charger. Thanks to the myMirka app, it is possible to standardize processes with this high quality 3” Angle Rotary Battery Polisher.

Introducing the Mirka 3" Angled Rotary Battery Polisher 10.8V 5.0Ah ARP300-B, a state-of-the-art tool designed for professionals who value freedom of movement and low maintenance. This cordless polisher is light, nimble, and ergonomic, making it perfect for polishing small areas. The Mirka ARP300-B features a brushless motor and a 77mm backing pad. It comes with two intelligent quick charging, high capacity 5Ah 10.8V Li-ion batteries. The battery charge time is approximately 45 minutes for 2.5Ah batteries and around 90 minutes for 5.0Ah batteries. With variable speed on the trigger, you get full control of the polishing process without risk of splashing or burning the surface. The polisher also has Bluetooth connectivity that offers additional features via the myMirka app, such as vibration measurement, RPM range management, and auto-stop function. The Mirka ARP300-B is not only a powerful polisher but also a very useful 3-inch cordless sander. This compact but powerful tool is perfect for craftsmen who want the luxury, freedom, and efficiency of cordless operation. Experience the convenience and control with the Mirka 3" Angled Rotary Battery Polisher 10.8V 5.0Ah ARP300-B today!