3 Reasons to Use the myMirka App

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 04 26 2022

  Modern Mirka sanders have a wealth of excellent features from anti-vibration balancing to quiet operation to multiple orbital speeds. You can even download an app for it. Yes, a … read more

7 Speeds for Sanding?

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 03 20 2022

  You may have noticed that most  electric sanders are single speed, even some of the high-end expensive brands. But the Mirka DEROS random orbit sander features seven speeds fro … read more

3 Benefits of 2Sand Sander Pad Protectors

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 12 09 2021

Hook and loop random orbit sanders come with the hook part molded into the face of its pad, so it seems logical that you should place a disc directly on the sander pad and start sanding. If that is … read more

5 and 6 Inch Discs, One Sander

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 10 13 2021

  When working in the shop you will likely have both 5 inch and 6 inch random orbit sanders along with a stock of discs for each. But when out in the field or on a job site, it makes … read more

Keeping Control

09 16 2021

  One of your business goals should always be to work faster and get better results with less effort. In this blog post, the Team at will help you attain that goal by showing y … read more