Hand Sanding

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 08 04 2020

While the marketplace is awash in excellent sanding tools that are powered by electric motors or are run off your compressed air system , there is still a need to know when and how to s … read more

Keep It Clean!

Posted by The Team at on 07 20 2020

Keeping your sanding supplies clean during use not only saves time and money but also improves finishes. Clogged abrasives result in particles that are no longer uniform in size; this can l … read more

Sandpaper Sheet Storage

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 07 10 2020

Controlling how wood moves as humidity rises and falls is never far from the minds of craftspeople. But for some reason, we do not tend to extend the same care to sanding supplies. Sanding … read more

Down to Size

Posted by The Team at on 06 23 2020

In the finishing room or on the jobsite, being able to quickly and cleanly cut up full sheets of sandpaper into whatever size is needed helps maintain productivity and reduces waste, but we of … read more

Getting Grit Right

Posted by The Team at on 06 10 2020

Every sanding task begins with the decision of what grit to use. We recently talked about the sanding procedure, moving from a more coarse grit to a finer one as you sand. We’ve also discussed that … read more