2SAND Aluminum Oxide (Brown) 9x11 inch Cabinet Paper 100-Pack

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2SAND’s 9 x 11 Aluminum Oxide (Brown) Cabinet Paper is an amazing choice for getting your desired finish for cabinetry projects. Brown aluminum oxide is a durable abrasive with a low breakdown rate, meaning you can reuse this cabinet sandpaper multiple times. Our cabinet paper comes with A through D weight paper depending on the grit: A weight paper in 180-320 grits, C weight in 80-150 grits, and D weight in 50-60 grits. These different backings accommodate for different applications with the coarsest grits having the heaviest paper and the finest having the lightest. This spectrum is to best support and serve your project needs. The available grits are 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, and 320 grits. Specific grits are sold in packs of 100 sheets. In addition to individual grits, we offer an assortment with 50 sheets of cabinet paper. The assortment consists of 5 sheets of 50 grit, 5 sheets of 60 grit, 10 sheets of 80 grit, 10 sheets of 100 grit, 10 sheets of 120 grit, and 10 sheets of 150 grit.