Norton 9" x 11" ProSand Sandpaper Sheets 20 Pack

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ProSand Norton Sandpaper Sheets provide superior sanding performance for premium finish on all surfaces and coatings. Premium heat-treated aluminum oxide abrasive keeps the grain sharp under pressure for faster cut rate and longer life than regular aluminum oxide products. Fiber-reinforced and latex saturated backing allows sandpaper to be flexible and tear-resistant for easy folding. Excellent clog resistance thanks to non-pigmented, water-based stearate coating. No color dye, so no need to worry about color transferring to your work piece.

Available Grits / Applications:

  • 60 Grit - Stripping, shaping, re-shaping, tool mark removal, dimensioning and heavy removal
  • 80 Grit - Moderate removal, stripping and shaping
  • 100 Grit - Smoothing, Moderate to light stock removal and stripping
  • 120 Grit - Light removal, smoothing and surface leveling
  • 150 Grit - Fine surface preparation and smoothing
  • 180 Grit - Between finishing coats and final surface smoothing
  • 220 Grit - Finishing, after priming, staining or sealing
  • 320 Grit - Between coats sanding and finishing
  • 400 Grit - Final finishing

Norton ProSand Sandpaper Sheets - 9 x 11 inches, 20-Pack: Ultimate Durability & Precision

Looking for professional-grade sandpaper sheets? Look no further! Our Norton 9 x 11-inch 3X ProSand Sandpaper Sheets, available in a value pack of 20, offer the ideal solution for all your sanding needs. Crafted for superior durability and longevity, these sheets resist clogging, tearing, and degrade, ensuring you get the most out of every sheet.

Key Features:

  • Multi-surface Application: Perfect for wood, metal, paint, and plastics.
  • 3X Durability: Outlasts ordinary sandpaper, ensuring consistent grit and less frequent sheet changes.
  • Premium Norton Quality: Renowned for top-tier abrasives, these sheets ensure smooth finishes every time.
  • Convenient Size: At 9 x 11 inches, these sheets are perfect for hand sanding or use with sanding blocks.
  • Convenient Value Pack: With 20 sheets in every pack, tackle large projects or multiple jobs with ease.

Whether you're a professional craftsman or a DIY enthusiast, these Norton ProSand Sandpaper Sheets are a must-have addition to your toolkit. Delivering unrivaled quality and performance, they offer smooth, consistent results every time.

Order now and experience the difference of professional-grade sanding!