Size Matters

01 12 2019

…and’s got you covered!

Although both drum sanders and belt sanders are now generally – and conveniently! - designed to utilize standard size sanding belts, there are still many thousands of belt and drums sanders in use that require a non-standard size belt. Some of these are older sanders that need an odd size belt, but others are specific-use or specialty-use machines for which the replacement belts can be difficult to source and expensive to replace when needed. And the problem is not unique to belt and drum sanders; there are a number of applications that are designed to use an oversized sandpaper in a roll, sheet or disc format that can be just as difficult to source and afford.

So what’s a craftsperson to do? Turn to, of course!

Order Custom Abrasives at

Our custom sanding belts, rolls, sheets and discs are made to your specifications and shipped out in 2-4 business days from our Pennsylvania facility. Yes – each of our custom sanding products are made in the USA!

Our custom abrasive product manufacturing experts can fabricate your custom sanding product as narrow as 3/8 inch or as wide as 54 inches to accommodate your specific machine. Length is no problem either; belts can be crafted anywhere from 5 inches to 700 inches in length in a wide variety of grits and abrasive materials, and rolls are available up to 100 meters in length.

A few things to keep in mind when ordering your custom sanding belts:

  • We are always willing to expedite shipping to get product to you quickly, but in this case, because the sanding belt splice takes a full 3 days to cure before it can be used, we recommend ground shipping as the belt will cure while it is enroute to your location.
  • Wide belt and large sheet orders can be shipped UPS Ground only.
  • To specify belt length, measure your old belt by cutting it and stretching it out flat. Alternately, you can tension the drive belt on your sander, then measure around the sander’s rollers to determine belt length. for all your custom adhesives

For more information on custom sanding belts, rolls, sheets or discs, or to order a custom sanding product (or two – or three!), visit our custom orders page, send an email to or give us a call at (800) 516-7621. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is happy to help!