Size Matters

01 12 2019

…and’s got you covered!Although both drum sanders and belt sanders are now generally – and conveniently! - designed to utilize standard size sanding belts, there are still many thousands of … read more
Building a Better Sanding Block

Building a Better Sanding Block

12 10 2018

Sanding blocks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. In past issues of this blog we have shown methods for making custom sanding blocks from auto body filler, packing foam, and a dec … read more
Abrasive and Sandpaper Types

Abrasive and Sandpaper Types

08 01 2018

Sandpaper TypesMany, many materials have been used to make sandpaper. As discussed before, ground glass was one of the early commercial grits, which is why the English still refer to "abrasive sheets" … read more

Not Just Discs and Sheets!

03 26 2018

For many people, sanding supplies are all about sanding discs, sandpaper sheets, and sanding belts, but abrasives come in many forms beyond those.Drum Sandpaper Roll[caption id="attachment_1467" … read more