Norton 9" x 11" 3X ProSand Sandpaper Sheets 20 Pack

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ProSand Norton Sandpaper Sheets provide superior sanding performance for premium finish on all surfaces and coatings. Premium heat-treated aluminum oxide abrasive keeps the grain sharp under pressure for faster cut rate and longer life than regular aluminum oxide products. Fiber-reinforced and latex saturated backing allows sandpaper to be flexible and tear-resistant for easy folding. Excellent clog resistance thanks to non-pigmented, water-based stearate coating. No color dye, so no need to worry about color transferring to your work piece.

Available Grits / Applications:

  • 60 Grit - Stripping, shaping, re-shaping, tool mark removal, dimensioning and heavy removal
  • 80 Grit - Moderate removal, stripping and shaping
  • 100 Grit - Smoothing, Moderate to light stock removal and stripping
  • 120 Grit - Light removal, smoothing and surface leveling
  • 150 Grit - Fine surface preparation and smoothing
  • 180 Grit - Between finishing coats and final surface smoothing
  • 220 Grit - Finishing, after priming, staining or sealing
  • 320 Grit - Between coats sanding and finishing
  • 400 Grit - Final finishing