Mirka Coaxial Electric Vacuum Hose, 33 feet long MIE6515611US

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Mirka’s Coaxial Electric Vacuum Hose is a 10 m or 32 ft for use with a 1 ¼” threaded tool connection. This antistatic electric vacuum hose has a 120 V integrated electric cord. The hose is lightweight and flexible and easily connects to tools. Replacing the MVHA-10, this Mirka hose comes with a sleeve and cable

Introducing the Mirka Coaxial Electric Vacuum Hose, a versatile and essential tool for your sanding needs. This product, with the model number MIE6515611US, is designed to work seamlessly with Mirka DEOS, DEROS, and LEROS electric sanders. The hose is a generous 32.8 feet (10 meters) in length, providing ample reach for all your projects. It features an integrated electric cord that operates at 110V, making it convenient and easy to use. The hose is also anti-static and has a 1.25" threaded tool connector end. One of the standout features of this product is its lightweight and flexible design. This makes it easy to connect to your sander and vacuum, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. The vacuum hose and cable come preassembled in a durable protective sleeve (MIE6515931). This sleeve not only makes handling easier but also protects your work surface from scratches. The part of the hose and cable not covered by the sleeve is held together by grip straps. In summary, the Mirka Coaxial Electric Vacuum Hose is a high-quality, user-friendly product that enhances your sanding experience. Its thoughtful design and robust features make it a valuable addition to any toolkit. A shorter length Mirka 19.7' Coaxial Vacuum Hose (MIE6515711US) is also available.