There’s Nothing Tacky about Microfiber Cloths

Posted by The Team at on 02 15 2020

Tack cloths have been around for a long time, initially consisting of waxes soaked into fabric, usually cheese cloth. Modern chemistry has improved the dust removal performance and reduced re … read more

Downdraft Sanding Table - Part 2

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 01 14 2020

In the previous 2Sand Blog post, we discussed making a modified torsion box that functions as an effective downdraft sanding table. Originally, the downdraft top was an add-on to a rolling … read more

Downdraft Sanding Station - Part 1

Posted by The Team at on 12 06 2019

As we have previously discussed in this blog, the ultimate purpose of finish sanding is to achieve a very consistent pattern of scratches. At any grit level, deeper scratches in the pattern will … read more

Wet Sanding

Posted by The Team at 2Sand on 11 18 2019

Wet sanding, the process of using abrasives with some form of liquid media, is likely as old as sanding itself. Shark skin is known to have been a very early form of sandpaper, and it certainly … read more

Plan to Sand Less

Posted by The Team at on 10 18 2019

Every time we have to do any drywall work, we're reminded of why it's so important to work properly to reduce the need for sanding. For most of us, drywall work is reduced to several cycles of a … read more