This sandpaper cutting guide provides common options for custom cutting your sandpaper sheets. Sometimes you need to cut sheets to fit a 1/4 sheet sander or a half sheet sander. Other times, quarter sheets are convenient for use with a hand sanding block.

Sheets can be cut with scissors (don’t tell your spouse). Another great way to do this is to is with an old planer blade. Just lay the sheet on the table, and lay the planer blade on top.

Put more than one cut sheet in the clips on the sander when you load it. When the bottom sandpaper sheet is dull or clogged, tear it off exposing the next sheet. This will be a lot faster than clipping in a sheet from scratch. This little tip will boost sanding efficiency and remove a little annoyance too.

We can cut sandpaper sheets to quarters, halves, or thirds for a small fee when you order your sandpaper.