Need to Fill a Sock?

Well, this is our shameless Holiday blog episode, brought to you firmly tongue in cheek!

I have to begin with a nice holiday story; I was on an American Airlines flight last Thursday night. It was late, everyone was tired, but then the flight attendant began her safety briefing. For the first time I've witnessed, everyone listened. She recited a rendition in the style and cadence of "Twas the Night Before Christmas". It was so well done and unexpected. I've never seen an airplane full of travellers applaud a safety briefing. It was such a pleasure to have been part of.

Now on to the shameless commercialism!

If, like me, you are tough to buy for, here are a few ideas for fun stocking stuffers that you might actually use!

Rockler's Silicone Glue Application Set. Adhesives do not stick to the silicone, so the pieces are reusable over and over! You can see a review here.


Lee Valley's new Veritas Inset Plane. This handy little insert allows you to make your own mini handplane!

Our own Sanding Detailer Sticks. These are great for reaching into tight spots to shape and smooth your projects. Be sure to check out all our products!

And finally, our friends at Popular Woodworking have this list of books for woodworkers of all skill levels.

We at hope that this list helps, and hope that your Holiday Season is filled with joy and peace! You can send us your Holiday Greetings or just get in touch with us by commenting here, on our Facebook page, or via Twitter. Let us know what you think!



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